Welcome to Robo Hashira

Advanced Discord Music Bot


Here is a short description of our Music Bot:
R. Hashira is a advanced Music Bot with many great possibilites to experience best quality listening to music in your Discord Voice Channel. You can play Tracks by entering Keywords and specify a Search Source, or use URLs from Playlist/Tracks etc. to play tracks. We currently support the following Search Sources:
  • Spotify
  • YouTube /-Music
  • SoundCloud
*all rights reserved by the owners of the track.
The Bot also supports Temporary Voice Channels, you can setup a Voice Channel with where users can you and being directly moved to a new created Voice Channel, where they can control their Channel, e.g. managing users or setting the limit for users in the Voice Channel. The Voice Channel automatically gets deleted if there is no user left in.

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.